logo-hial-small-2016The Higher Institute of Applied Learning (HIAL) is a rapidly growing institution of higher learning. The institute is registered in Kenya, pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Registration of Business and based on the provisions of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority – TVETA/Reg/1/2/(523). HIAL  is dedicated to practical oriented learning as opposed to the traditional theoretical learning.

HIAL Courses

HIAL  offers Diplomas and Certificates that can assist learners to get employment opportunities or to pursue higher education in world recognized universities.Currently, the following certificate courses are on offer:

Certificate Courses on offer:

  1. Certificate in Project Planning and Management (CPPM)
  2. Certificate in Project Planning (CPP)
  3. Certificate in Resource Mobilization (CRM)
  4. Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation (CME)
  5. Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA)
  6. Certificate in Data Coding and Analysis (CDCA)
  7. Certificate in Web Design (CWD)

Instructors/ Facilitators

HIAL’s Course Instructors act as subject matter experts. They are based on hands on experience and best industrial practices.

Target group/ Prerequisite

HIAL’s learners come from diverse academic backgrounds including recent high school, college and university graduates, non-graduates and people with other qualifications that need practical orientation to learning and to gain further relevant professional qualifications.They are trained by qualified and experienced practitioners. .

HIAL Learning Guidelines

assignment-icon-hial Topics and Assignments

HIAL Online courses are structured based on ten topics which go for 10 weeks. Each topic opens on a Monday. Assignments in the topics are due in seven days’ time, that is by Monday of the following week. They are marked and feedback given. Those who fail to submit in time or do not do well in the assignments, are given a chance to resubmit in week ten. However, the marking is done to a maximum
of 60% of the total marks for the assignment.

The tenth week is set for revision and practicals. The eleventh week is set for one to one encounter meant for practicals and discussion of the concepts that were not well understood. HIAL Management organizes for a three day mandatory training and practicals held in Nairobi, Kenya.

forum-icon-hial General Forums

There are a number of forums in the online learning platform. News forum for instance serves as the
notice board for announcements, the Q&A forum is for any questions students may have that are not answered elsewhere. Social forum is where students can take a tea/coffee break and discuss anything with their fellow students.

exam-icon-hial Continuous Assessment Test  Marks

A majority of the Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) marks are averaged from the seven best
performed assignments, out of the nine. The remaining marks come from active participation in forums every week. CAT takes 40% of the total marks; the remaining 60% comes from exams conducted from the 11th week.

training-icon-hial-2016 HIAL Training Package for NGOs

HIAL offers the following training package to the members of NGOs among other development partners:

  • Project Planning,
  • Resource mobilization: funding proposals
  • Monitoring and Evaluation [M&E]

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